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Restaurant Review| Hoxton Grill

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Hoxton Grill is one of Shoreditch’s most popular bar/restaurant. Located on Great Eastern Street just a hop-skip and a jump away from Old Street.

I stumbled upon this restaurant when this guy asked me out for a drink, then ended up getting offended and walking out on me because I didn’t know that Hackney is a borough not a town. LMAO!

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Any-whooo I decided to go back there with some of my girlfriends for a little meal and a drink. This restaurant is beautiful, it has this slightly rustic feel to it which makes it seem like quite an informal place to eat but then you see all the waiters dressed in shirts and ties, (now you know a place is fancy when they make their waiters wear shirts and ties).

The restaurant itself is pretty large with a separate bar and several hire rooms available and it has its own hotel, for those who can’t drink and catch the bus home. It also has an indoor terrace or garden, I don’t really know what to call it.


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Food Review: The food there was okay, for such a fancy looking place you’d expect filet mignon and creme brulee to be on the menu, but no just your average burger and chips, and if you’re feeling a little bit fancy you could maybe have steak and mashed potatoes.


When the food arrived it was not hot, in fact it was probably at room temperature, and the plates were also cold. I had steak and mashed potatoes, the flavours were okay, the steak was pretty thin, but who wants to eat a large steak when wearing their favourite black Zara dress. My friend Kay had the burger and chips, also nothing to write home about.


Our desserts however were divine darhhhhhling! I had waffles and ice-cream with banana and the girls all chose the chocolate brownie with ice-cream. It was so good I was licking the plate clean and scraping the little extra bits with my index finger, it was that good. Jk.



Service: On this particular night I felt that the service we received was pretty mediocre, I’ve had worse so I can’t really complain.


Recommendation: Hoxton Grill is definitely a great hang out spot, either for brunch, lunch or dinner. The vibe is great, very mature crown mostly people who work in and around Liverpool Street.I would probably go back to the Hoxton Grill, but I doubt I’d go there for dinner probably just for a drink and a sexy finger licking dessert hmmm.

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