Ones To Watch| PR guru Nate Hinton

After spear heading the iconic Pyer Moss show “America, also” in 2018, Nate Hinton made his permanent mark in the fashion world as a fashion PR guru for all up-and-coming untraditional fashion brands. 

American Also show

Hinton and Jean-Raymond decided to partner together in October 2017. At this same time Hinton was quitting his full-time PR job to start his own company, The Hinton Group. As one of his first clients, Pyer Moss was bound for a revival — and Hinton was going to do everything in his power to make that happen.

Hinton has built a reputation of being someone with an aptitude for helping to build fashion businesses that don’t follow the traditional industry norms, much like Pyer Moss,  Public SchoolVaquera, and our favourite Hanifa by Anifa Mvuemba

Although it took more than a decade of work experience before Hinton started his own business, his interest in fashion stems from his teenage years growing up in Virginia. In high school, he started a fashion organization and produced fashion shows, and then did the same during college in North Carolina. After graduating, Hinton initially worked in finance for Federated, which owned Macy’s at the time. “Inside of that company, I went through an executive trainee program and I knew that I wanted to be in that business,” recalls Hinton. “I just didn’t want to be in finance.”

So he packed up his Ford Taurus and moved to New York City, nabbing a freelance assistant gig at Prada’s marketing office, eventually transferring to the PR department. Soon enough, his hard work landed him a full-time coordinator job for Prada menswear, where he climbed the ranks to a managerial role. After nearly five years, Hinton went on to Diesel, and then in 2011, he made the switch to working for a PR agency. “I knew that we were hiring [agencies at Prada and Diesel] because we needed help, but what I didn’t know is that we were hiring them because they were seen as experts in the field. So I wanted to be the best,” says Hinton. “I wanted to be one of the experts.” – sourced from Fashionista 

Hinton got his start in PR Consulting when he started working with Altuzarra, Acne Studios and Brut. But after a year, he was let go, and then within three months, he was hired by KCD, where he worked on Carven, Miss Wu  Tommy Hilfiger, Public School and Victoria’s Secret. “If I had to pick a place that taught me the most and that gave me the best experiences, it was definitely KCD,” recalls Hinton, adding that co-founder Ed Filipowski helped ignite his entrepreneurial spirit. “It’s where I flourished and where I came into my own as a person and professionally. There’s something about Ed that just brings that out of you.”

After five years with KCD, Hinton went back to PR Consulting, attracted by the opportunity to work directly with Raf Simons for his debut at Calvin Klein. “Who’s going to turn that down?” asks Hinton. “He’s one of my favourite designers. The artistry, the passion that he puts into it and just to be a part of that team and experience was enough for me to say, ‘Yes, I’ll deal with the pressure of being at a place that fired me because I get to work with Raf.’ I put myself aside to be alongside the greatest.” A year and a half later, Hinton started to grow bored with traditional PR and by January 2018, The Hinton Group was officially born.

Aliétte Fall/Winter 2019


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