Ones To Know| Grace Coddington

If you’ve ever pick up a Vogue magazine, or even are someone who is somewhat interested in fashion. The name Grace Coddington shouldn’t be new to you.

Born on the 4th April 1941, on the island of Anglesey in Wales, United Kingdom, to hotelier parents. Grace’s interest in fashion didn’t begin until she was well into her teens, when she would anxiously await the arrival of an issue of Vogue magazine, which was at least three months outdated.

In 1959  Vogue held a model competition, and someone submitted Grace’s pictures unbeknown to her. She ended up winning the Young Model section and was featured in the October issue of the magazine photograph by Norman Parkinson . This is how her  modelling career for Vogue, she was 18.

Two years after Grace was involved in a car accident, she was interviewed by British Vogue’s Editor, Beatrix Miller, and was employed as a Junior Editor. After nineteen years as a Photo Editor with British Vogue, she moved to New York to work for Calvin Klein. In July 1988, she joined Anna Wintour (they started on the same day) at American Vogue, where she worked as the magazine’s creative director.


As of January 2016, Coddington announced that she would be exiting her role as creative director at Vogue to pursue other projects. It was announced on 9 May 2016 that Coddington would be working with Tiffany & Co.

Later that year Grace Coddington’s new campaign for Tiffany & Co. A/W 16, featuring Elle Fanning launched. The campaign was sparse of product shots and traditional models. With direction from Coddington, Tiffany opted instead to feature celebrities and close up imagery of the jewelry styled on the body.

In 2018 Coddington also partnered with Louis Vuitton on a capsule collection, featuring many designs incorporating her cats.



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