Ones To Watch| Stylist Jason Rembert

Stylist to the stars, Jason Rembert is taking the fashion scene by storm with his creative genius and edgy style.

After interning for Elle magazine and W magazine Rembert became very familiar with the fashion world. 

“I learned designers, who creative directors were, how to formulate a request, and how to check in and out clothing,”

Rembert sat down with Teen Vogue and explained his creative process,

Jason Rembert: Communication is the number one thing I try to have with each client: understanding where they want to go, what excites them, what they don’t like, what they do like. From there, that’s where I can push them to get to an elevation of what they feel comfortable with. So if the client is comfortable in polo shirts, I can push them to a comfortability where that Polo polo shirt becomes a Chanel polo shirt, or that Polo polo shirt becomes a [polo shirt from a] designer who lives in Mississippi, who you’ve never heard of, but who has the most avant-garde polo shirt you’ve ever seen in your life. I’m always trying to push my clients, from a stylist’s point of view, to a higher elevation of themselves.


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