Ones To Watch |Telfar Clemens

What made the Teflar shopping bag the IT bag of the moment? Would it be, the easy to clean vegan leather, maybe its the simplistic design or how affordable it is (or used to be).

Over 5,000 bags have sold in 28 different stores since 2018. Telfar’s minimalist Shopping Bag, is said to have been  inspired by department store totes and is dubbed the Brooklyn Birkin.  

Telfar Clemens

Clemens, who grew up in Queens New York started his label in 2005. The bag made didn’t make its debut until 2014 at a Telfar fashion show at the New Museum in New York. The bag “was a prop for a show concept,” Mr. Clemens said. The bags were displayed as if in a real store but guests could actually buy them and young, downtown New Yorkers did.

Backstage at Telfar RTW SS 2020, photographed in Paris on September 23, 2019.

We’re very excited to see where this brand will be in the next coming years, we’re expecting greatness. 


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