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Bar Review| Prosecco House

About  year ago I visited this swanky new bar that had just open in Tower Bridge. It was a completely new concept, a  bar that only served prosecco and prosecco cocktails.

Its feels like something that should already exists, especially in a city like London but hey, maybe there are other prosecco bars out there that I haven’t heard of. 

Drinks| If you love prosecco you’ll love this place, the Rivalta Spumante rose  Brut created by the Caldart family in Torino Italy was exceptional. Apparently the grapes are harvested by hand if that adds a little extra zhuzh.

Atmosphere| The décor was elegant, modern and surprising colourful. If you’re like me you choose a place based on how well it is decorated, then this this is right up your alley. 

The only downside is that its much smaller than the images on their website make out. Additionally there’s only one restroom, like ONE for everyone to use. 

Service| The only I’m going to say is that it needs improvement, and I left a review on DesignMtNight

Recommendations| Great drinks, reasonably priced, great décor, wait staff need better customer service training. Definitely a place to visit even just once.

Their website /


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