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Restaurant review| D.F Mexico


Ever since I returned from my trip to NYC, I have been craving some good mexican food. Well as-good-as the American make it. And then I discovered this little Mexican diner called D.F Mexico in Shoreditch East London.


This restaurant is very in keeping with the Shoreditch vibe, exposed brick work, minimalist but function furniture.The kitchen is open, so you can actually stand there and watch the cook make your burrito. The crowd is your typical hipster East London crowd, relaxed, torn skinny jeans, Dr Martens worn with a beanie hat even when the weather is very warm outside.


Veggie nachos


grilled steak tacos

beef nachos

beef nachos


The food was absolutely amazing, for starters my friends and I chose grilled steak tacos, veggie nachos and beef nachos. It was all very delicious and with price ranging from £5.45-£6.45 you can’t beat that.

For the main I chose steak and chips (boring but tasty) and I had a burrito, I know that’s a lot of food but I was really really hungry and I munched it all and cleaned the plate. Main courses range from £10-£15.

One of my favourite thing about this restaurant has to be the bottomless drinks. For £2.30 you can have hibiscus, horchata or lime and chia, or you can be boring and have a diet coke.


The restaurant was set up like nandos, so your chose what you want then you go to the front and place your order, they even have self-service computers like the ones you get in Tescos for a quicker ordering process, so fetch!




I would definitely  recommend this restaurant to anybody and everybody, the food was fantastic, the price for the food was fantastic and the overall atmosphere is just chilled.  8/10

DF Mexico, Hanbury St, London E1 6QR


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