Make-up Spring look| Orange Lips

john-galliano-springsummer-2014rag and bone and prabal gurung

Orange was a big trend last Spring and its seems as though its going to be an even bigger trend this year. So I’ve made this video to show you how you can also achieve this effortless glam look.


Spring is about to spring and its almost time to put away those Winter woes, unless you live in the UK or Seattle, its always Winter around here.

d squaredOrangeLips

Get the look|

To achieve this look first you begin with beautiful flawless but natural base, click here for a post a made earlier.

Then highlight and contour, and add a little colour to you cheeks, remember your lips are the focus for this look so everything should complement the lips.


Here are a few lipsticks I recommend trying.



image (1)


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