Ones to watch|Etername by Sarah Besnainou


After quitting her job as Communications Manager at Baby Dior, Sarah Besnaiou decided to launch her luxury jewellery company Etername.

In the area of luxury jewellery non do it better than the French so when the idea came after making a pair of gold cufflinks as a gift for a friend, Sarah Besnainou decided to create her own company, Etername.

Here are a few of Etername jewels|

resize_detail_shot_bo_ellipse_diamants_blancs1 BO Argan Amazonites   21 Décembre 2009 gilan-crop Etername-Sarah-Besainou-Argan-earrings-pink-opale-white-diamonds-white-gold-QandA-UK bijoux_or___turquoise_eternam___14993969_north_545x.1 012mEtername-Sarah-Besainou-3-Entrelacs-rings-yellow-gold-pink-and-orange-sapphiresSarah-Besnainou-Black-and-white-photo-Etername-QandA-UK-I love the simplicity in the design of her jewels I wish I had some for myself. They’re very feminine and colourful, something you’d wear to make a statement and be the belle of the ball.


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