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Restaurante Review| Souk Medina

Souk Medina

Recently I took some of my friends out to dinner, me being the connoisseur of great restaurants I was left in charge of choosing where we were going to eat that night. Obviously I chose somewhere fun and a cuisine we all had never tried before (NOT!), MOROCCAN!!!! w went to a restaurant called Souk Medina which is relatively large it had an upstairs and downstairs, however because of the traditional Moroccan furniture it did feel quite cramped. It is located in central London, Covent Garden to be precise. We went there on a Friday night, so it was filled with young professionals trying to drown out their sorrows on beer and couscous. At one point during the night belly dancers came out and people started dancing with them.



Food: The food I have to say was not to mine of my amigas liking. I chose the chicken tagine and the others chose the lamb tagine. The chicken tagine to be fair was not that bad but it was a lot of chicken. I mean enough to feed 3-4 people. The lamb tagine, (sorry I didn’t take a picture, completely forgot) was not what we expected, the meat was very sweet, Sweet enough to rot your milk teeth and adult teeth, so a no no for that. This was served together with couscous and root vegetables, (again sorry I forgot to take pictures). The couscous was great, it was a lot so I took some home with me, the vegetable were vegetables, nothing ultra special but not bad either.


service: The service we received was absolutely phenomenal, our waitress was so attentive and informative, even when we kept asking questions about some of the dishes that we didn’t understand, she was always willing to tell us all we wanted to know, I forgot her name but she was awesome. Recommendations: I would totally recommend Souk Medina to all my friends and their friends. It is a great place to go and have good time, the food isn’t so much to my liking but that doesn’t mean you wont like it. I give this restaurant a 6.5 out of 10. The food was OK but the service was great, the entertainment was great and the overall atmosphere of the place was great.



One must always take a selfie where ever one eats. -Fleurette.


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