A while ago my friend and I visited a restaurant in Shepard’s Bush called The Meat and Wine Co. It was a lovely restaurant, beautifully decorated, modern and spacious, the bar was located downstairs and the restaurant upstairs. We had these lovely window seats overlooking the busy side passage leading to Westfield White city shopping Centre, it was wonderful.

meat and wine 3

meat and wine

meat and wine 2

Food review|Starter: For the entrée we shared some garlic bread and BBQ chicken wings, it was delicious, we were gagging for more.



Main: For the main I had the Kalahari with onion rings and Janethad BBQ prawns with bell peppers and oven chips. Okay… I don’t know who thought BBQ prawns and McCains oven chips were a good combination, but they need a reality check. The main course for me was absolutely not worth the money we paid, the food was under seasoned and lacked flavour, £25 for a main course that’s barely seasoned and lukewarm is just plain crazy. My main was the Kalahari, which also lacked seasoning and was also lukewarm, the combination of a big piece of meat and onion rings to me just lacks creativity, I couldn’t even finish the big slob of meat, probably because it tasted like a wet old  rag, (what I would imagine an old rag to taste like) yuck!




Dessert: For dessert we both had a chocolate fondant. It was our first time ever trying this dessert and may I say it was DIVINE! Especially after having that mediocre/crap main course. Now while eating all this food you need to wash it down with something, I had the Chaka zulu and Janet had a pornstar martini, they were both fabulous, for a second I felt like Samantha from Sex and The City sipping on my cocktail enjoying good company. If you’re a cocktail fan like moi and have yet to try a pornstar martini or a chaka zulu, I say go to meat and wine just to try them out.


Service: The service was outstanding, Jonathan was our waiter, he was such a lovely guy, talkative and just so helpful. I would go back just to see Jonathan again. Also let me not forget to tell you about the bathrooms, Ally McBeal style, (unisex) loved it!!

I would definitely go back to Meat and Wine, but I would probably go to the bar next time, I give this restaurant 6/10, mainly because of Jonathan.

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Restaurant review| The Meat and Wine Co


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