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Restaurant Review| Coco Grill and Lounge

A new Mediterranean grill and lounge spot just opened by the Thames, the trendy spot features an alcohol free bar and an extensive menu. The restaurant is very instagrammable, if you get what I mean. m


If you are a lover of carnivorous meals, the menu at Coco will definitely be to your liking. They had salmon, steak, lamb shops and even tiger prawns on the menu. I went for a medium steak with the house salad, fries and a diet coke (I’m watching my weight). My friend had the lamb chops, fries and a mango and passion fruit mojito (virgin).

I would have to say the food was fantastic, well cooked and seasoned, served piping hot even the salad was delicious. 


The customer service was exceptional, the waiters were attentive and polite. 

Ambience and décor:

The restaurant is beautifully decorated with faux orchard trees and a live wall and velvet chairs. Every corner of this place is instagram worthy.

Shout out to my girl Sandrine for taking me to here.  


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