Ones To Watch| Designer Maximilian Davis

This emerging fashion designer has many people talking of his edgy pieces, his perfect encapsulation of the essence of the East London “cool chick”. Celebrities such as Rihanna have been photographed in his designs. And we all know, you’re only cool once Rihanna wear your designs.

Growing up in Trinidadian family in Manchester, you could say Maximilian was born with the fashion gene. His mother was a model in the 70’s, his father and sister both studied fashion design and his grandmother taught him how to sew from a very young age and the importance of using clothes as a representation of who you are.

“She always made an effort. She would wear the most colourful embroidered nightgown, spray herself with perfume before bed and say, ‘If I die in my sleep, I want to smell nice!’” – Maximilian Davis speaking on his glamourous grandmother.

Davis took a step back from fashion after graduating from university in 2018. Soon after, the panadol hit (lol) which put an end to any plans the designer had for his brand. This motivated him to apply to Fashion East, a hub that helps emerging designers. We actually featured Davis’ first collection CLICK HERE earlier this year. 

We’re rooting for you Max, do it for the culture. 


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