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Restaurant Review| Yauatcha London City

Dim sum seems to be recurring theme when it comes to choosing places too eat. Now Yauatcha is the new trendy spot in London, with fantastic views and out-of-this-world service.


Choosing from the Explore menu (£42 perperson) I had the Pork and prawn shui mai and the chicken and prawn shui mai for starters, (again prawn dim sum is my fave). For my main I chose kung pao chicken with cashews and dried chilli, accompanied by jasmine rice. I have to say the kung pao chicken didn’t hit the spot, and the cashews made no sense what-so-ever, I supposed they thought it would add “texture”. IT DIDN’T! The dried chilli was chewy, it was like eating pieces of plastic.

For dessert I wanted the macaron, because that was the only thing on the menu that looked somewhat enticing. However our waitress never took our dessert order and she just gave us the bill LOL. 

(Yauatcha menu)

P.S the drinks were also meh!

some type of white wine spritzers


The service we received was phenomenal (apart from the dessert thing), or maybe I really missed the feeling of being doted on by complete strangers at a restaurant or bar, all because they want me to spend more money. (Shrugs) I’m not quite sure.


Definitely go to Yauatcha for the vibes and nibbles. The ambience is beautiful and serene, and its very “instagramble”.  


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