Fashion News| Nike exec resigns over sons sneaker resale business

Reports have come in that Ann Herbert’s 25 year career at Nike and her newly appointed role as VP and General Manager of North America has come to an abrupt end. After it was discovered that her credit card was being used to purchase $132,000 worth of limited edition sneakers. Which were then sold (at a huge mark-up) by her son on his sneaker resale site. We currently do not know the name of the site, but I would imagine its called (please don’t look it up).

Bloomberg Businessweek’s latest cover article explored the story of Joe Hebert, Ann’s son, a college dropout who makes a living as a sneaker reseller. Known to his customers as West Coast Joe, he started reselling streetwear in high school and now flips hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shoes each month. – Sourced from Business of Fashion.

A Nike representative said the executive disclosed relevant information about her son’s business to Nike in 2018. The company said at the time that Hebert did not violate “company policy, privileged”. I don’t see how that could be, as her son was probably getting his merchandise at a discount then selling them at astronomical prices making huge profits. I wonder how footlocker and other retailers feel about this news? Lawsuit anyone? 

Many sneaker heads are upset at this news, especially as limited edition sneakers tend to sell out in minutes, even on Nikes own SNKRS app. To them find out that the Vice Presidents son had an unfair advantage and was using mummy’s company privileges to bulk buy hundred of pairs to then sell on is upsetting me and my home boy! Fa real!


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