Fashion News| LVMH closes Rihanna’s Fenty Fashion

Both Rihanna and LVMH have agreed to put a pause on the superstars ready-to-wear line because of poor performance.

Quiet as its kept, the Fenty Ready-to-wear never really took, Rihanna herself didn’t really push the line on her social media like she did her lingerie and beauty lines. You see savage Fenty on almost every social media app, being promoted by every influencer and celebrity, from Lizzo to Patricia Bright. 

 “On Fenty fashion, we are obviously still in a launching phase and we have to figure out exactly what is the right offer. It’s not something that is easy… We have successes, we have things that have worked less well, so we have to sort in between the two and really decide what should be the core strengths of the offer in the years to come.”  Said Jean-Jacques Guiony, LVMH Chief Financial Officer.

“Being the first Black woman to lead a luxury house, especially under LVMH, it was a huge deal to see him just encourage people to buy black,” Rihanna told Vogue U.K. in her May 2020 cover story. “I felt connected to it, and knowing why really made me feel like there’s no way I can ignore this.”


In 2020, Fenty brought in Amina Muaddi to collaborate on two footwear capsules which didn’t do too well, because nobody knew about the collaboration.

We wish Miss Rihanna all the best, just make sure Fenty beauty doesn’t close down, or we might have to pay you a visit. 


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