Fashion News| Birkenstock made from a Birkin?

Fashion collective MSCHF (mischief) have designed a Birkenstock sandal made from a real Hermes Birkin bag leather. The shoe is reported to be worth $76,000. 

They previously created the “Jesus shoe” (Nike sneakers with soles filled with holy water). They also took a Damien Hirst painting called “88 Holes” said to be worth $30,000. Cut up all the circles and sold them individually for $480 each.   

“We’re just sort of fascinated with destroying expensive things and creating something new out of them,” said Daniel Greenberg, 23

The shoes will be made to order and available while the supplies last. Which, despite costing $34,000 to $76,000, depending on the size of the customer’s foot, will probably not be very long, judging by both history and the availability of the raw material. 

Would you call this fashion genius or just wasteful?


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