Fashion News| “We did it Joe” VP Harris covers Vogue

Kamala Harris covers Vogue and the people aren’t happy.

Vogue U.S is known for making political and slightly controversial statements with its covers choices, and in 2021 nothing has changed. 

Many people are not happy with the cover, stating that its “washed out, lighting and styling not reflective of Harris’ achievements.” If we compare this to her Elle magazine cover, (which wasn’t amazing either) many feel as though Vogue being the “fashion bible” should’ve lifted the fashion and glamour. 

“We want nothing but to celebrate Vice-President-elect Harris’s amazing victory and the important moment this is for America’s history and particularly women of colour all over the world,” Ms Wintour said in a statement to the New York Times’.

According to some whispers VP Harris and team are also not too pleased and feel as-though they were “blindsided” by the image choice. 


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