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Restaurant Review| Leong Legend

Dubbed the dim sum legend of of China town, Leong Legend serves up some of the best dumplings & bao buns in West London.

Food| Firstly I’d like to admit that I’ve eaten at this restaurant three times back-to-back because the dim sum is that good and I had a special “all you can eat” deal  from Time Out magazine for £19.50. 

The steamed dumpling come in traditional Taiwanese bamboo steamer baskets piping hot. I had the chicken dumpling with sweetcorn, the spinach prawn dumpling as-well-as the garlic and chive prawn dumplings (clearly I like prawns). All I can say about the food it is; delicious, tasty, well seasoned and served hot each time. The sushi however was mehhh and the drinks were also mehhh.  

Atmosphere| The restaurant is well decorated and modern, however it is incredibly small and tight, expect people to bump into you as they walk past (depending on where you sit obviously).

Service| Not the best service, grumpy slightly aggressive waiters, if it wasn’t for the tantalising deal we got from Time Out I would say this place is a little over priced. 


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