Mini Beauty haul|Inglot


Recently I’ve been so obsessed with Inglot makeup, from their over priced lipgloss (side eye) to their wonderful HD foundation and full coverage powder. Here are a few items I recently purchased.


Multi-action toner

I can truly say this product has now become an essential in my everyday life. It tones, moisturize and removes makeup. Its really good for those who have oily skin like me and need something to control the shine. I use this before I apply my make and after I’ve removed my makeup. It leaves my skin smelly so good and it doesn’t strip my skin or leave it feeling dry and tight. Only £12.

Now I love a good nude lipgloss and this really does do the job, however £10 for a lipslgoss is more than I ever want to pay.

Inglot freedom system compact

Now this is one of the best powders I have ever used. The coverage I get is so good I don’t really need to conceal blemishes. Its light and breathable however I find that I go trough it much quicker than my MAC powder but on the plus side it is much cheaper than MAC. With Inglot you buy the powder and the case separately and the idea is that all you need to do is replace the product when its finished but you keep the casing, therefore reducing your carbon footprint and saving the world. Amen!


I haven’t tried this nail colour yet however when I do I will do a post on it.



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