Fashion News| Louboutin nail polish


If you’ve always wanted a pair of Louboutins but your bank account was not co-operating, don’t worry you can now wear Louboutins on your hand with Christian Louboutins new range of nail polish.


Christian came up with the signature crimson sole of his shoes when he was working on an early prototype, felt something was missing, and painted the underside with his assistant’s nail polish. “People talked about ‘Louboutin Red’ even before I decided to do beauty,” he says. “When I was thinking of the red for nails, I thought, I have to have an iconic red, as it’s really my identity. I was thinking of the red of Silvana Mangano’s nails in the 1967 movie Le Streghe [“The Witches”], and of a flamenco dancer I once saw who was like the famous Carmen Amaya. She dressed in men’s clothes—black pants, a white shirt, a black waistcoat—but when she stopped dancing and you saw her hands, they were perfectly manicured and the nails were a dark bloodred.” (Sourced from Vogue)

Rouge-Louboutin-by-Christian-Louboutin-Bellanaija-July2014005-600x307 securedownload-16The range does come in an assortment of colours, I cannot wait to do a review on this product, so stay connected.



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