Ones to watch| We are the Rhoads

This fashion duo made up of husband and wife, Chris and Sarah Rhoads, first came together in college or what we in the UK call University and started collaborating on projects. ColorSplash_2013_WeAreTheRhoads-_I2A52621

“Our work is all about moments. It’s about capturing that thing that happens in an instant but makes you feel something real. We see the world for all of its spontaneity, honesty & soul”. -Chris Rhoads

DarlingSpring_WeAreTheRhoads_2014_Film_000024460002 We Are The Rhoads Client: Darling Magazine

We Are The Rhoads

The couple have collaborated with brands such as Timex and Converse.

We Are The RhoadsClient: Timex




Darling mag

Darling mag

One thing that I love about their photographs and something that seems to be quite consistent in their work, is the relaxed feel of the photographs, some almost look like instagram snap or something you’ll find on pintrest.

010-Barcelona_Rhoads-132 ColorSplash_2013_WeAreTheRhoadsBW-_I2A6692-400x266 NewYorkSaturday_January2013_WeAreTheRhoads-_I2A68121-400x266


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