Monthly love and hate| April 2014

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Now usually I’m a person of habit, once I like something that’s it, I use it all the time and there’s no swaying me. However in 2014 I’ve decided to be a little adventurous with my beauty regime and life in general. So month to month I’ve been trying new beauty products some have failed and some I can’t get enough of. So here are my monthly favourites for the month of April.

So in February of this year I and my two closest friends went to Pareeeeee (Paris) for my birthday of course we went to Sephora. We did splurge a little, but hey! There isn’t a Sephora in the UK so we have an excuse. One of the first things that I picked up was this shimmering champagne coloured eye-shadow. It is very similar to one I’ve seen by Boujois but not as pigmented but a lovely colour non-the-less. I do love it I use it all the time, especially on my brow bone. It’s a very subtle colour it just gives you that little glint of glitter here and there.

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The next thing I bought was this cream coloured eye-liner, me love it also. I really can’t remember the prices for all of these products but they were relatively cheap. I’ve been wanting a cream eye-liner for the longest time. I have a white eye-liner but it can look a little harsh at times, and i wanted something that look a little softer, that I can wear all day everyday if i wanted to. I would totally recommend this product and for the price you’re pay and the amount of product you’re getting, it’s a win win!


I’ve also recently started using this MAC concealer called select cover up, I’ve never really been keen on concealer for some unknown mystical reason I guess, but i am a fan now. Who knew that instead of whacking on another layer of foundation to cover all your little imperfections you could just blot them out with a little concealer, WONDERFUL!

The concealer itself if easy to apply, i usually use a small blending brush and I buff it onto the skin, I do find that it does rub off a bit when i apply my powder which is annoying but apart from that its ace!

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This beautiful matte lipstick from ELF is so wonderful, it is long-lasting, the colour is quite pigmented however it is a little drying, but that’s to be expected with a matte lipstick.

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Now this Avon super extend extreme mascara was an absolute God send, I found it while rummaging through my mums make-up bag. She’s not that big on mascara so I know she wont miss it. It was one of those mornings where you’re getting ready then you realize your only mascara has finished, and one cannot leave the house without wearing mascara, hahaa! =P Its is a good mascara but I’m not so sure I would buy it again, it’s also long-lasting however I’m not so sure about the “super extend extreme”.


The last but certainly not the least is my Clean & Clear deep cleansing lotion. I in all my years of wearing make-up I have never come across a make-up remover that truly does what it says. This product literally removes dirt from inside your skin, it leaves you face feeling cool, clean and fresh. I usually use this after I’ve taken a shower and my pores are nice and open, then a pour some of the liquid onto a cotton wool pad then I rub it onto my face. The amount of dirt that comes off, it’s ridiculous, I totally recommend this product if you wear make-up on a daily basis.

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These were my monthly loves, no hates this month. This is also a new segment and I hope you like it xx.


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