Celebrity style| Kourtney Kardashian


Now I know the Kardashian girls aren’t the most respected people in the world, they are however incredibly popular. Their style is unique and everything they touch turns to gold. Now this post is dedicated to my favourite K-dash girl, KOURTNEY!

There’s not a lot I can write about Kourtney that the whole world doesn’t already know. But here are a few reasons why she’s the most fabulous K-dash sister to me.

Her make-up|

Kourtney’s make-up is always flawless, it enhances her beauty, which is what make-up is supposed to do, its simple and sexy.

kourtney-kardashian-smokey-eyekourtney kardashian 200210crazy-makeup-kourtney-kardashian-11Kourtney Kardashian Makeup False Eyelashes JZn5ltvvJ1Kl

Her style|

Kourtney’s style is chic, trendy and tre New York even though she’s from California. She has a way of taking simple outfits and turning them into fabulous ensembles, even when she was pregnant.


kourtk3Kourtney Kardashian seen wearing leopard print jumpsuit and Celine handbag in NYCarticle-2262835-16F53810000005DC-722_634x873kourtney-kardashian-pregnant-fashion-love-it--L-aUq0REkourtney-kardashian-pregnant-b7e82kourtney-kardashian-pregnant-leadCelebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - July 13, 2013kourtney-kardashian-in-Sherman-Oaks

Kourtney Kardashian we crown you glam mum 2014!!


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