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Restaurant Review| Greedy cow

greedy cow4

Now, for the longest I’ve walked past this restaurant on my way to work and I’ve always been tempted to go in. With its ever present sign proclaiming that they serve award winning burgers and steak, and with me being an award winning connoisseur of burgers, steak and fries, I had to pay this place a visit.

The restaurant itself is located in quite a peculiar place, right on the corner across the road from a tube station, somewhere you’d expect a corner store or cafe. Not a place you’d think  to find a cool quirky eatery such as this.

Le review|

Food: Well for starters, my mum and I shared an olive bread an dip platter, which I have to say was the most unimpressive starter I’ve had in a while. Firstly the bread was too salty, the olives were dry and the oily dips really did not help the matter at all.

greedy cow2

For the main course my mum and I both chose the award winning steak with wedges. Take it from me it was good, was it the best steak I have ever had? No. However it did taste like an award winning steak, it was tender and it had that lovely smoky flavour. The downside however was the size of the meat but I guess for the price you’re paying you can’t really complain.

greedy cow1

Service: The service was fantastic, we were greeted upon our arrival, we were served by this handsome blonde Douglas Booth look-a-like chap. He was super polite and very attentive.

Drinks: We had water, so there’s not much to talk about there, apart from that it was refreshing.

Verdict: I would score this restaurant 7/10, simply because the food was great apart from the starter, however the location isn’t quite suitable for this kind of restaurant and it was incredibly small.

greedy cow5If you’d like to visit greedy cow and try some of their award winning steak and burgers their address and number are below, they do get quite packed on the weekend so you might want to book a table. Enjoy. X.

2 Grove Rd, London E3 5AX
Phone:020 8983 3304

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