Ones To Watch| Hanifa by Anifa Mvuemba

Miss Rona has really changed the way fashion shows are held, however this young Congolese/American fashion designer saw this as an opportunity to innovate and leave an indelible mark in the fashion world.

On May 22, in the midst of a pandemic that had already begun impairing (to put it lightly) much of the fashion industry, the womenswear brand Hanifa presented a groundbreaking digital fashion show via Instagram Live. Rather than simply shooting a model wearing each look, designer Anifa Mvuemba used 3-D animation to make it look as if there were — in the least creepy way possible — ghosts storming down the runway in her elegant, figure-hugging creations. And not just any ghosts. These ghosts had curves, and certain attitude to their walk that felt real and familiar, without distracting the viewer from the clothes themselves. (

After being mentioned on Beyoncé’s directory of Black-owned brands, and making the September InStyle subscriber cover (worn Zendaya) PR agency The Hinton Group (founded by Nate Hinton) soon signed on to represent the brand shortly after the show. 

Proceeds from her Pink label range will got to helping the crisis in The Congo, something that emerging designer hold very near and dear to her heart. We look forward to seeing where the great heights this brand will reach. 

We’re all rooting for you sis!


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