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Every morning on the train I go past this restaurant, and for the longest time I’ve wanted to eat here. I’ve read several reviews on-line on how great the sea food is, and how amazing the customer service. So I decided to pay this place a little visit and here’s what I thought.


We went there on a Friday night, the restaurant was buzzing, the smell of delicious crabs and lobsters being cooked was in the air, drinks were flowing the place was lit!

There was a real informal vibe to the place, which was surprising considering we were in Canary Wharf the financial district of London. The equivalent to Wall Street in New York. We were seated by the window so we had this great view of East London. There was a jazzy/folk band jamming away to my right and an amorous couple seated to my left. Love, food and jazz what more could you ask for?

view from the train


When we arrived we were greeted by a nice chap in a bow tie and a white shirt, we were then greeted by our sexy Italian waiter named Augustino, who showed us to our table. By the way you HAVE to book a table to eat here on a Friday night otherwise you’ll be directed to the bar.

Augustino has to be one of the greatest waiters I have come across in a long time. He was attentive, informative and very talkative. He even told me about where he was from, a little town in the South of Italy, can’t remember the name it starts with a B or something. And he was gorgeous, polite and he owns a vesper, I think he’s the one OOoo!! LOL.

Every single member of staff whom we were in contact with was so polite, awesome customer service.


The food was absolutely delicious for starters we ordered the voodoo shrimp, which came with voodoo source and some sort of cheese source. For the mains I chose the lobster fest which came with a whole lobster, fries, salad and a free drink.



lobster fest

Eloho chose the lobster bake, which came with half lobster, crab claw, giant shrimp, muscles and potatoes. All cooked on a round skillet.


Lobster bake

The food was amazing, the smell the textures and the taste 10/10 from me. Its was also my first time eating a whole lobster and I have to say it was a little hard just because there was so much to eat but it was so scrumptious.


slushie mojito

Overall for me I will be visiting this restaurant again I really enjoyed myself  9/10 for the overall experience. I’m not giving a 10 because the tables were too small the the plates were massive and it just felt like everything was piling up on us when we were eating.

If you want to go to the Big Easy and chow down some tasty lobster and giant shrimp check out their website —> CLICK HERE


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