Travel | NYC 2014

New York Times Square

Now earlier this year I wrote about how much I wanted to travel and see the world, and New York was one of the places I really wanted to visitSo back in September I bit the bullet and went to New York all by myself… (very proud of that). So here are a few pictures and a video of the things I got up to while in the big apple.








Did a little smokey eye…

On the first day I just roamed around the city then I went on a bus tour, one the second day I did the same while wondering in and out of several Sephora stores. I also went on a cruise tour of the city, it was beautiful. I did abunch of other things but I’ve forgotten now. =/



Another bus tour another selfie

"Mary" the bike I rented for the day

“Mary” the bike I rented for the day

I really want to thank Air BnB and my host Richard and Maria for letting me rent out their spare room. Cheers!!


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