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Dear Diary| 1st entry


So this is my first ever diary entry in all my life and I’ve chosen to share it with you my readers and the entire world, so here goes.

At the beginning  of this year I made a prayer to God and a promise to myself that I will travel and see places and make loads of new friends. So far I’ve only managed to go to Paris, a city which I have been to so many tmes, but hey at least I’ve left the country even if I was only going next door. This whole idea of traveling and visiting other countries came about after watching endless travel vlogs of some of my favourite youtubers such as; Louis Cole fun for Louis and Ben Brown Mr Ben Brown. I spent hours watching their vlogs and seeing them truly live life and enjoying it responsibly. So I decided that I’m going to do the same, except I wont be sleeping on the floor or in bushes like Louis nor is it likely I’m going to go surfing in Cape Town like Ben (there are sharks in the sea), but I am going to travel and see the world and hopefully make loads of lovely friends along the way, maybe even meet some of you guys.

Now traveling around the world costs money and seen-as I don’t have a fat youtube paycheck at the moment, the only way I am going to do all these things is by working and saving. Later this month I’m catching a coach to Brussels, I will be going there for a weekend visit, I will be staying with my aunt which will save me a lot of moula ( money). I do also plan to go to New York and Hong Kong God willing.

One thing I’ve learnt after spending countless hours watching these videos is that, you should live the life you want to live now! Don’t wait until you reach a certain age or meet a certain person. If you want to travel and see new places and faces, do it, tomorrow is never promised! 

New York I'm coming

New York I’m coming

Hong Kong I'll see you soon

Hong Kong I’ll see you soon



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