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Review| Jimmy Choo perfume


Ahh Jimmy Chooo! Bless me.

Last month was my birthday month, I usually don’t expect gifts from people unless I’ve actually said to them ” I would like a gift”, then I would proceed to tell them what I want them to buy me, cheeky I know.

Now this gift came as a surprise, not only because I wasn’t expecting it but also because of the friend who bought it for me. I am obsessed with perfumes and any girly scents. And I am very picky about which perfume I wear, it has to have the right notes, be packaged in the right packaging and also come at an affordable price. The latter I really didn’t have to worry so much about but the rest are very important to me. Choosing a perfume is like choosing a boyfriend, someone who you’ll be committed to for a long time, so choose wisely ladies.

Lets just get down to the review! Now Jimmy Choo is a world renowned brand which most women continuously lust over their shoes and bags in pages of fashion magazines, me included. I wasn’t too aware of their perfume collection until recently and I have to say the one I have is brilliant.


The perfume itself has wonderful fresh sweet notes which are very feminine. The scent isn’t really long lasting however it is very noticeable when worn.

The packaging is simple and modern, it comes in a pink and black snake print box and the perfume bottle is round and has indentations that make it look like a crystal ball, love love love.


If you love grown woman sexy fresh scents, then you’ve got to try this perfume its deviiiiiiiiiiine darrhhling. X.


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