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Celebrity Style| Tom Hiddleston


Not only is Tom Hiddleston one of the most talented rising movie stars to come from the UK in the past 10 years, he is also extremely handsome..hmmm


Magazines such as Esquire and GQ have all rushed for a piece of Hiddleston, I wouldn’t mind a slice myself actually.

Esquire Esquire 2 esq-msn-06-fashion-lg-42357850

I love Tom’s effortless style, his manly elegance and fantastic posture can make a bin bag look like a custom made Armani suit, ooh suites you sir.

tumblr_static_i0s6t Tom-Hiddleston4


Red carpet handsomeness|

Tom-Hiddleston-posed-red-carpet red carpet ready Dolce and Gabanna suitTo be honest this post is mostly an appreciation to mama and papa Hiddleston for making such a hunk of a son… THANK YOU (from every woman around the world).


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