Street Style| Ripped jeans

torndenim3denim3Here are a few street style pictures to give a few inspirations on how you also can incorporate ripped jeans into your wardrobe, enjoy.|

One of my favourite things to wear when the weather is a little warm are ripped jeans. Nothing says urban fashionista better than a pair of ripped jeans paired with a leather bomber and some high heels.

To make your ripped jeans a little more chic, just add a pair of heels like these fashionable street stylers.

Sydne-Style-Joes-Jeans-sequin-jacket-vintage-reserve-jeans-ripped-denim-trend-old-navy-tees-street-style-venice255077_980hh hh2 hh3


Make your ripped jeans a little edgy by pairing them with a leather jacket or blazer.

j3 j2 j

Or keep your look casual by wearing leather moto boots, trainers or laced up Oxford.

streetstyle-new-york-fw-13-3 streetstyle-new-york-fw-13 pointy-beanie-ripped-jeans


Don’t forget the denim skirt! When worn right a denim skirt in my opinion is a staple and should be in every woman’s wardrobe.

get+the+look+ripped+denim+jean+skirt+street+styles s1 s3

 This Summer I will be pearing my ripped skinny jeans with high heeled sandals, when I’m hitting the town at night. And matching them with my multi-coloured vans and a plain white t-shirt when I’m just relaxing with friends in the day-time.



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