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Restaurant Review| Vapiano

Vapiano is this great little restaurant located on Great Portland street just off Oxford street. Its actually one of my favourite restaurants in London, the food is great, the drinks are great, the waiters are… great. =]


The restaurant itself is quite large but considering how popular is it, it can feel very small. There have been times when I’ve gone there for a quick bite to eat and have had to search for a free seat, the only solution to this problem is to open more restaurants, so Mr Vapiano sir please do that.



Food: One of the best things about Vapiano are their pizzas, the diavolo and the calzone are the sh**!! I usually get the diavolo pizza with the peppers and onions and slightly spicy Italian sausage hhmmmm, and for £8.75 honey you can’t go wrong.


Service: One thing about Vapiano is that its not like your usual restaurant where once you walk through the door someone is greeting you and showing to your table. One of the first things that happens when you walk through the Vapiano doors or shall I say velvet curtains (you’ll get it if you’ve eaten there), is you get handed this Vapiano card which is sort of like an oyster card that you touch on this reader once you’ve made your order. Then you get handed this timer thingy that begins to vibrate when your pizza is ready, however you only get this timer if your ordering a pizza, when ordering a pasta you have to actually stand there and watch while they’re making it, which is kind of cool and annoying depending on how you look at it.


Drinks: Whether it’s a little Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay  (I’m  fancy like that) you’re after, Vapiano can cater to you but don’t expect to get a screaming orgasm or a Disaronno cocktail, they don’t do those around here!

I give Vapiano an 8/10 because the food is divine dahhhling!! The wine is ravishing and so are the waiters.


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